Which Face Mask Will Protect You?

As we adjust to our new norm, wearing a face mask when we leave the house has slowly become as essential as bringing your phone. However, knowing which mask you should be wearing to protect yourself is equally as important as washing your hands and staying home. The CDC is recommending everyone to use cloth face masks when they go out in public. In addition, some cities have made it mandatory for their residents. So the big question stands, which face mask will protect you the most?

To put this in perspective, masks are CDC recommended to stop the spread of the virus. Meaning, if everyone were to walk out of their home with a mask, the spread of the virus would be drastically lowered. And since the spread of the virus would be minimized, your risk of getting it would be as well.

Homemade Masks

At the end of the day, it’s better to have some sort of protection over nothing. And with all the time we have at home, many of us have turned to making DIY homemade masks. But how affective are they? It turns out, it all depends on the fabric and how it was made. They have the potential to protect you the same way medical masks do. The CDC is a great resource on how to start using face masks the right way .

Medical Masks

Medical masks are overall pretty effective. They can block between 60-80% of air particles. This masks definitely does it’s part in preventing the spread of the virus when leaving your home. The important part is knowing how to wear them properly and acknowledging these are designed to only be used once. Here is an in-depth article on how to use face masks by WHO.


The most effective mask when it comes to protecting yourself from the coronavirus is the N95. This mask can block out 95% of the particles that have the potential to threaten your immune system. This mask is made out of synthetic fibers to filter and block particles in the air. However, these masks are made for single use only.

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