What Not To Do When Buying A New Construction

As the Dallas/Fort Worth population continues to grow, so does the opportunity to buy a new construction home. As a home buyer, the best way to make sure you are making the right investment and buying the customizations, floor plan, and overall model home is by knowing what not to do when buying new construction for the first time.

Not Finding the Right Agent 

One of the main reasons you save money working with an agent is because they know the best builders in the area their construction process and their workmanship. It is important to work with the right builder, as it affects the quality of the home you are buying. Therefore, the right professionals are essential to guide you in the right direction at all times from contract to close. Rest assured our realtors are dedicated market experts who make every decision to benefit you the most.

Not Having Strong Negotiations

Negotiations are of the utmost importance when it comes to buying a home, and since new constructions tend to be more pricey, working with a realtor will help you get the best deal. Most builders offer the basic model, however, most buyers choose the custom upgrades when they design their space. In every builder meeting, your realtor will be prepared to negotiate every detail and save you your hard-earned money. 

Not Having Contract + Inspection Expertise

Did you know new constructions need home inspections? Even if it’s brand new house, a home inspector has to do a walk-through to make sure everything is working properly to prevent any future issues such as; foundation, wiring, plumbing, heating/cooling system problems, and much more. Overall, your realtor will protect you from overlooking anything serious enough to cost you a fortune down the line. Realtors understand housing contracts are nothing to take lightly. There is a lot of paperwork involved with every closing and they fight to ensure you are well taken care of.

Not Having Market Knowledge

Checking your local networks for an update is never sufficient if you are about to invest in real estate. You want to work with a realtor who thoroughly knows your ever-changing market. Dedicated realtors keep up with every market update like investors study the stock market. Their knowledge and expertise are exactly what you need to have a successful buying experience. 

Not Knowing All The Inventory

Our real estate agents have formed relationships all throughout the DFW area to better serve every client we work with. Having the right connections is one of the most beneficial aspects of buying a new construction home. Oftentimes the builder’s inventory is not always being shown as available. This is where buyers miss out on better opportunities for their investment on their brand new home. Especially when thinking about custom home add-ons. If you want to make sure you are looking at the best options, working with a real estate expert will be the greatest choice you will make in the building process.

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