Plano Restaurants With an Ambiance 

Plano Restaurants Ambiance 

Plano is well-known for its food scene from downtown Plano to legacy west this city claims some of the best menus in Northern Dallas, Texas. Residents from neighboring cities come here on weekends especially to explore the wonderful variety of foods and atmospheres.  We know there is a lot to choose from when visiting Plano. Therefore, we narrowed down our top 5 restaurants with an ambiance in Plano, Texas.

Urban Crust

Urban Crust hosts an amazing rooftop experience where you can enjoy a delicious Italian wood-fired pizza and a few happy hour cocktails with some friends on a warm evening. This top-rated pizza joint is located in Downtown Plano, where there are locally-owned shops, businesses, and neighboring restaurants. 

The Biscuit Bar

That’s right, an entire menu based solely on biscuits. This unique brunch concept started out in Plano, Texas, and has expanded across North Texas ever since. They are well known for their cereal cocktails, loaded tots, and of course the creativity behind each biscuit plate. The atmosphere is impeccable with bright and colorful signs, decor, and seatings. Not to mention, their patio overlooks a beautiful boardwalk view. 

Urban Rio Cantina 

 Enjoy a margarita and some chips with salsa as appetizers at this tex-mex gem. If you love Mexican food and are a big fan of rooftop restaurants then Urban Rio Cantina & Grill is a great food option for dinner. With cantina-themed indoor seating, a rustic-inspired patio, and a thriving roof this Mexican restaurant is worth giving a try.


With a very rustic yet modern atmosphere, Haywire delivers an amazing experience. This restaurant also has a beautiful rooftop terrace where you can overlook the legacy west shopping center. Their menu is an all-American selection with fried chicken, BBQ, burgers, and their highly rated pecan pie. 

Kai Sushi Bar

Where are my sushi lovers at? This gem of a restaurant has been highly rated since it opened its doors. Their menu is designed to provide the ultimate Asian cuisine experience, however, their specialty is known to be sushi. This restaurant’s atmosphere consists of a stunning indoor design, a luxury lounge, and an open rooftop; this is the perfect spot to enjoy a blissful dining experience out on the town.

Yellow Chilli 

Are you in the mood for a flavor-filled meal? We had to add Yellow Chilli to this article because of how highly rated it is. Not to mention, Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the most celebrated faces of Indian cuisine and has been hosting a successful TV network called FoodFood for over 17 years. This hidden gem in Plano not only brings delicious Indian cuisine to the table but an astounding environment with good food, bright colors, modern design, and a beautiful painting at the center of it all. There are plenty of amazing Plano restaurants for residents to enjoy. Not to mention the beautiful homes, amazing entertainment, great schools, and communities, which makes it one of the most highly rated cities to live in. Whether you are looking to move or invest in a booming city here in DFW our team is here to help call today for your FREE one-on-one consultation

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