How to know if a realtor is the best fit for you

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The next most important step after deciding you are going to buy or sell a property is finding a realtor that can guide you through the process. As a buyer or seller, you are probably thinking about where to even begin in the process. And the truth is, the foundation to a successful real estate journey is finding the right realtor you can trust. So let’s go over the 3 most important signs in knowing a realtor is the best fit for you.  

They Know Your Area

Working with a realtor that knows the market like the back of their hand is not only necessary but entirely superior in real estate. Especially, if you want to see the results you are anticipating and want. It’s always in the client’s benefit when they choose someone who’s familiar with the city or neighborhood where the property at hand is located. Don’t settle when it comes to selling the place you call home or finding the perfect place to create a home. 

They have a solid track record

A large portion of a realtor’s job relies on not only selling properties but knowing how to sell themselves as someone worth working with. Real estate is definitely a journey, there will be little victories and step-backs along the way. The important choice is working with someone who you can trust in guiding you through the good and the bad. An excellent realtor can: 

  • Operate well under stress 
  • Handle frustrations with poise
  • Overcome stepbacks with solutions
  • FIght for their client’s best interest
  • Refer to the best of their business (mortgage brokers, 3rd parties, etc)

Even if your real estate agent is friendly and has a relatable personality you connect with, these aren’t reasons enough to recruit them for their help. It’s up to you to ensure they have the track record you would enjoy working with. The best way to assure this is through previous client reviews. Although 5-stars is what everyone should aim for, it simply isn’t realistic for everyone to have the same likes and preferences in a realtor. Something better to look at is the description in the client’s reviews. What are they saying? Do you see a consecutive pattern? Do they go above and beyond for their clients, or just do the bare minimum? Reviews tell stories, experiences, and overall quality. Therefore, it is always worth taking into consideration. 

Strong negotiation skills

A strong agent is a strong negotiator. And a strong negotiator is a secret weapon. The key behind successful negotiations is expert-level knowledge of the current state of the market. When you know your product, there is powerful leverage in negotiating on the client’s behalf. A dedicated realtor will be well informed on things such as:

  • Inventory 
  • Value 
  • Market status
  • Location 

 Whether you are looking to buy or sell, our team of experts are here to help you find real estate success. The great difference about The Sharma Group is that we are here to put you first. You don’t have to be alone during your home buying or selling journey. So don’t wait to book your free consultation with us!

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