Renting an apartment in DFW to save for a house?

Many people living in DFW are renting to save for a house, assuming renting is more affordable. However, what people don’t understand is that rent goes up every year. Renting is a great option if it fits your overall lifestyle. Although, if you’ve been craving a bigger space, a yard of your own and aContinue reading “Renting an apartment in DFW to save for a house?”

Is Real Estate the Career for You?

Becoming a realtor is one of the most rewarding careers. Realtors get to create their own schedule, choose who they work with, decide how much they want to work and much more. Becoming a realtor essentially means becoming an entrepreneur. Let’s dive into the basics in figuring out if real estate the career for you.Continue reading “Is Real Estate the Career for You?”

6 ways to prepare your home for selling

When you are selling your home it can easily feel overwhelming. The list might feel so long you might not even know where to start! Which is why we are providing our expertise and sharing 6 ways prepare your home for selling success. Deep Clean A clean environment is a healthy environment. Cleanliness promotes mentalContinue reading “6 ways to prepare your home for selling”

Which Face Mask Will Protect You?

As we adjust to our new norm, wearing a face mask when we leave the house has slowly become as essential as bringing your phone. However, knowing which mask you should be wearing to protect yourself is equally as important as washing your hands and staying home. The CDC is recommending everyone to use clothContinue reading “Which Face Mask Will Protect You?”

Renting vs Buying: What You Need to Know

The greatest question in real estate is whether should you rent or buy a home. There is truly no right or wrong answer. It all depends on your lifestyle preference and what you are looking for long-term! But let’s compare and contrast renting vs buying a home. Renting vs Buying: What are the upfront costs?Continue reading “Renting vs Buying: What You Need to Know”

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