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The Most Exclusive Neighborhoods in Southlake for Luxury Living

The Most Exclusive Neighborhoods in Southlake for Luxury Living

The Southlake area is home to a number of luxury neighborhoods, each one promising its own style of Southlake luxury living. As there are many to choose from, your best bet is to equip yourself with the features and benefits of each one and match them to what you are looking for in a high-end neighborhood. Are you looking for privacy and seclusion? Or does an active country club setting better suit your needs? No matter how you want your neighborhood to enhance your life, your agent will lead you to the one that best matches your desires.

Before you begin your search for luxury property, you’ll want to take a few steps to prepare

You can scour the internet and find a great deal of luxury properties that are up for sale. But what many house hunters do not know is that there are a number of these high-end homes that never wind up publicly listed for sale. Here’s why.

Due to the attention that some of these homes would receive on the public market, many luxury homeowners elect to privately sell them when ready. This requires a real estate agent that is well-versed in the profession's day-to-day duties and well-connected in the community.

A realtor specializing in luxury real estate will have had years to develop the necessary contacts and trust from this population segment. Before you search for your dream home, it will pay to pair yourself with an agent with a track record showing luxury real estate sales.

You’ll also want to ensure you have the proper financial documentation to show your agent. As you might be able to imagine, the most luxurious homes will attract a great deal of attention, creating a situation where people without any intention of purchasing them will ask for viewings just to satisfy their curiosities. The sellers of these properties will want anyone who views their homes to be properly and thoroughly vetted.

Whether you intend to pay for your luxury home with cash or secure a mortgage, you must show your agent that you can afford the home. This will mean going through the prequalification process with a lender, who will use your credit score, income statements, and other financial documents to vet you. Cash buyers will need letters from their bank or financial institution and current financial statements showing they have the funds to make such a large cash purchase.

The most exclusive Southlake neighborhoods offer a variety of living choices

Peytonville Avenue Estates

This neighborhood is home to multi-million dollar homes set in an almost country environment. The neighborhood is adjacent to Peytonville Avenue, home to some of Southlake’s most prestigious homes. In the estates, you’ll see homes with more grandeur than the Avenue. Set on large lots with mature trees, the neighborhood lends the feeling of living well outside the bustling Dallas metro area. But all the amenities of shopping and dining you’ll need are very close by, making this exclusive neighborhood convenient for Southlake luxury living.

Estes Park

The luxury homes in this neighborhood make perfect homes for people who want to be close to the creature comforts of the city but adjacent to the beauty of nature. The residents here live in a neighborhood built with connecting walking trails, and adjacent to green spaces and several community parks. The neighborhood’s namesake, Estes Park, is one of the most popular parks in this community.


The multi-million dollar homes in Carillon are uniquely designed and set in a neighborhood that gives its residents a unique experience. The neighborhood is reminiscent of being in a resort, as those living there have a spa, fitness center, and other amenities.

Shady Oaks

The multi-million dollar homes in Shady Oaks provide the ultimate luxury living experience. This neighborhood was laid out with tree-lined streets that border sweeping lawns. Each home was uniquely designed with the features and amenities of the original owners in mind. Classic European architectural designs dominate the tracts of land, which host homes built with respect to the mature trees that pepper the properties. The size of each tract is up to an acre, giving plenty of space for those who need it.

With less than 150 lots, this development was meant to be kept relatively small. Adjacent to the neighborhood is the district’s elementary and middle schools, helping to make the entire area one of the most pursued in the greater Dallas metro.

Shady Oaks is gated, offering the ultimate levels of privacy for those who have chosen to call this luxury Southlake neighborhood home.

Coventry Manor

Another gated community, Coventry Manor was constructed to give its residents easy access to nearby retail shopping and restaurants.

Terra Bella

If you are searching for a gated community that caters to an active lifestyle, Terra Bella is well worth considering. This neighborhood was constructed in 2010 and features Mediterranean-inspired homes on sweeping lawns.

The winding streets of this luxury neighborhood give residents immediate access to a number of walking trails that have been built nearby. Additionally, Terra Bella sits near several community parks and holds within it a number of green spaces.

This is an HOA community, with guidelines and rules established to protect property values.

Bottom line

Discovering the exclusive neighborhoods in Southlake will be much easier if you have an experienced realtor. The agents at The Sharma Group have the expertise, professional contacts, and intimate area knowledge to find the neighborhood that best suits your wants regarding Southlake luxury living. Their dedication and white glove service means a hassle-free experience leading you directly to the luxury home of your dreams.

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